JoEllen Conger is not just one writer, but two — a pair of twins who have shared their special mind-linking abilities since they were children. What one doesn't think to add to a manuscript or story, the other does. They make quite a team. And as they matured and went their separate ways, writing was the one link that always kept them together. Each twin has her own area of expertise, but enjoying their collaboration efforts, they continue to write fiction in several genres, and non-fiction articles and books in various topics.

In 1999, the twins donated a short fantasy story, THE DARK DRAGONS DAUGHTER, to Starlight Writer Publication, the proceeds of the Evening Star Anthology [ISBN 1-929034-02-4] were donated to support The National Women's Crises Center.

More recently, they donated THIS OLD DOG, a contemporary Romance Novella, e-published in the Star of the Spirit of Hope Anthology [ISBN 1-58697-388-6] at Romance Foretold Inc, RFI West, found under Anthologies. The proceeds were donated to the Christian Lam Foundation, in honor of an eight year-old girl who was abducted and murdered. Word Weavers Book Reviewers awarded the Star of the Spirit of Hope Anthology their "Award of Excellence." The first ever awarded to an anthology, their Senior Editor stated.

Whatever genre they choose for their next adventure, they write it together. It may be fantasy, contemporary, a historical novel with oodles of research, or a mystery novel with plot twists and turns, but their real delight is in sharing the imaginative concoctions with each other. Some of their readers have commented that they enjoy being drawn into the story as though they were also there. We hope you find their writer's voice as irresistible.