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ISBN 978-1-61346-187-7

By JoEllen Conger


For those who judge that true amnesia is rare, and that continuing forgetfulness or moments of confusion and indecision not realistic, have not personally suffered the experience of this malady as I have. The repeated loses of continuity is indeed very unnerving. Not being able to remember the link to ones own past history to the unfolding present now can create insecurity and an irrational behavior in dealing with the changing present moment. Only the truly courageous will find the healing strength to build a new life. May you recognize and appreciate Victoria’s courage in this tale of beginning again.


The Conger twin writing team has worked together for years as JoEllen Conger, beginning their love of writing back when they were only ten years old. Multi-published authors in a number of genres: Contemporary Romance, Thrillers, Fantasy, and Historical Romance, Joyce and Joan have always been close, writing together and separately. Today, although they live miles apart, email keeps them in touch with one another.

Joyce belongs to a writing group in Bakersfield, California, and critiques and edits books in progress. Joan, living in Santa Cruz, by the bay, is still an active RWA member, judging writing contests, mentoring beginning writers, reviewing pre-published releases, as well as serving as a copy editor for Wings ePress Inc.

When not writing, they each enjoy their multitude of pets, who like snuggling in bed with them.


Yesterday’s Widow’s central character, Victoria Greer is a double amnesiac who returns home after a mysterious ten year absence to discover her husband has been killed in a plane crash, and her treasured home-estate is now owned by a stranger named Theodore Bailey.

    While trying to prove the estate is still her property because she hasn’t really been dead, she realizes she is being stalked by a killer, and only her Maltese dog, knows who it is that’s not to be trusted.