Future King front coverThe Future King
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JoEllen Conger
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1-59705-644-1

The Celtic High Queen Gwyndalin of 6th Century Brightland is brought back from exile to serve as regent for her dead king’s issue, Prince Anthony II. She strives to fight off all invaders in order that her husband’s only living child will be raised and educated to become the High King Darkdragon of all Brightland, at fifteen.
Her appointed Royal Companion, Prince Laurance of Mann Island, the faithful and loyal love of her life, remains constantly by her side. When their missing, secret love-child is finally located, he is appointed to serve the younger king-in-training, as his Royal Companion. It would be dangerous to admit before the Lesser Kings and Clan Leaders of the Council about their son’s true heritage. Most of them have taken to the ways of the new Christ faith, and without a doubt would condemn Gallagher of Cornrow as nothing more than a bastard prince.
When Gwyndalin is nearly killed in a battle to save her father’s realm from Christian invaders, it is the Queen’s Companion who nurses her back to health, and the day when Prince Anthony finally becomes crowned king.
The Future King is an adult saga of bringing up a mischievous upstart to take on the responsibilities of becoming the High King, without turning the adventures of two growing boys into a mid-reader. It is the continuing King Arthur-like adventures of the Queen Of Candelore and her efforts to rule all of Brightland in her king’s stead.


“A stellar pre-medieval story from an outstanding author.”
Penelope West – Ethan’s Flight – Whiskey Creek Press
“Most of the detail is so authentic for the 5th/ Century that I kept forgetting it was a Fantasy.”
Gabriel Timar – Novgorod Diary – Wings ePress
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The Future King by JoEllen Conger
Review by Jane Leopold Quinn
            Prince Anthony II is only a baby but a child destined, at fifteen, to become King Anthony II, Darkdragon to all Brightland. He is The Future King. He’ll have all the riches, the pomp and circumstance, the responsibilities while he’s in training, but his most important assets are the loving people surrounding him. His own Mamah, Lady Elaine; the regent of the realm, High Queen Gwyndalin; Gwyn’s royal companion, Prince Laurance of Mann Island; and the mysterious Gallagher of Cornrow who becomes Anthony’s own royal companion.
            The Future King is a rich and detailed saga not only about a young boy growing up to become king, but about Gwyndalin and Laurance’s undying love for each other. A love they can’t acknowledge even though her husband and Anthony’s father, King Anthony I, has died.
            When Gwyn and Laurance discover that their love child did not die at birth as they’d believed, they set out to find him. A young man, Gallagher, arrives at court, and they recognize him by his amazing turquoise eyes, so like Laurance’s own. The queen and her companion befriend Gallagher without telling him who he really is. Their coupling had been sanctioned by Anthony I because he’d been wounded in battle and needed an heir, but the appearance of a child older than the younger Prince Anthony could be a danger to the kingdom.
            The Future King details Anthony’s training, but doesn’t lag in the story telling. Life isn’t all rosy. There are dangers, murder attempts, battles, but always humor, friendship, loyalty with love as the linchpin. This is life. Bad things happen. Good things happen. It’s all in balance.
             I invite you to get comfy and enter the exciting and imaginative 5th Century world of JoEllen Conger. The Future King is a good, old fashioned historical fantasy saga. A wonderfully creative, re-imagined Camelot continued on from Conger’s Queen of Candelore, the first story of King Anthony I, his love for Queen Gwyndalin, their love for Prince Laurance, and his love for the royal couple. It’s as stirring and convoluted, but much more satisfying than the Camelot story. Read it. You’ll see what I mean.
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REVIEW: Suzanne Hurley
‘‘The Future King’ by JoEllen Conger is a masterpiece. I was riveted to my chair and couldn’t seem to turn the pages fast enough in my constant quest to find out what was happening next. This is a beautiful novel about relationships mainly between Queen Gwyndalin and Prince Laurance, and Anthony II and Gallagher.
I was caught up in the love and warmth that abounded throughout this well-written book. I couldn’t seem to get enough of the affection between the Queen and her Prince, as well as the developing friendship between Anthony, being groomed to be the High King Darkdragon of Brightland, and his Royal Companion. Gallagher, the lovechild of Gwyndalin and Laurance, was their son, who they thought had died.
The sweet romance between Princess Bodicca and Prince Anthony will have you enthralled and remind everyone of their first love. These beautiful stories were mesmerizing and contrasted sharply with the invasion and war scenes. The battle scenes were vivid, very real, and drilled home the stark reality of the many people who die defending who and what they love. Loyalty is a key theme in this book for it is a necessary quality needed to survive. Also, being an animal lover, I adored young Anthony and his escapades, as well as the devotion of their dogs, Bran and Macha. The character’s relationships with their animals were also fascinating, fun and heartwarming.
Ms. Conger has definitely penned a winner. It is a beautiful escape for the reader into the lives of long-ago. I highly recommend ‘The Future King’ and look forward to more novels by this great author.
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THE FUTURE KING – Review by Gabriel Timar
Novgorod diary, Air Mogadishu etc. – Wings ePress Inc.
JoEllen Conger’s THE FUTURE KING is a highly entertaining yet thought provoking tale. The exceptionally well developed, living and breathing characters, although pure Arthurian captivate the reader. It is high-class entertainment even if the reader might miss the message and the unique philosophy of the author.
This is the saga of High Queen Gwyndalin training her dead husband’s issue to rise to the throne of all Brightland. The message of the novel is that leadership is a trade or a profession, and if one does not receive the proper training, the result might be a series of tragedies.
The well-researched, historically correct description of the way of life in the fifth century and the archaic language of the dialogues resurrect the Middle Ages. The flesh and blood characters, although maintaining their Arthurian nature, leap off the pages, straight into the hearts of the readers. The loveable Gwyndalin, an efficient, tough, professional leader reminds me of a Margaret Thatcher with feelings. The knightly traits of her appointed Royal Companion, Prince Laurance of Mann Island fit the surroundings. His common sense approach when teaching the future king the ways of life in the realm, make him a likeable flesh and blood character.
I highly recommend this most entertaining and thought provoking novel to all. Readers aware of the shortcomings of our society should especially enjoy this story. Perhaps resurrecting Gwyndalin and Laurance, and have them run a training school for the aspiring leaders of the twenty first century would be a good idea.
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The Future King
Author: JoEllen Conger
Review: By Wm. Russeth
Reviewer: William H, Russeth 08/19/08 - – Author “Fires of Belenus”
In the “THE FUTURE KING” JoEllen Conger has created an Arthurian-like world laced with details and intricate characters. High Queen Gwyndalin is named regent of the land after her husband dies and is charged with raising the King’s son, Anthony, heir to the throne, even though Anthony is not of her blood. Putting her own life on hold, Gwyndalin competently assumes her responsibilities and embraces the rascally heir, amid turbulent Viking raids, vengeful Christians, and relentless attacks from other kingdoms, only to find that her own bastard child had been spirited away at his birth to avert scandal.
The story flows easily and reads quickly. Characters are well detailed and endearing. The world of Gwyndalin is convincingly painted and one in which you become totally immersed. On your next free afternoon take out this book and enjoy the enchanting world of Brightland.
~ * ~
The Future King
JoEllen Conger
Historical Fantasy Romance
Reviewer: Rhobin Lee Courtright
The Future King takes the reader back into an alternative history for a different view of the legends of King Arthur. Gwyndalin, the high Queen of Candelore, first encountered in the companion story, The Queen of Candelore, is raising her deceased husband and king’s son by a consort. Gwyndalin has a heart-rending secret. She knows her presumed dead child lives, but not where. She and her appointed royal companion, who is the father of her lost son, Prince Laurance, hunt for their love child. Eventually the young boy, Gallagher, is found, but his true parentage must remain a secret for the sake of the heir, baby Anthony -- and to protect the kingdom, and Gallagher, from the Christian influences starting to sway the populace in Candelore.
Gwyndalin is every inch a true and admirable queen: thinks of her people before herself, cares for and makes sure the heir is trained and educated to become the new High King Darkdragon of all Brightland while having to keep her true son at arm’s length. She must rule lesser kings, lead armies and maintain an uneasy balance with political and religious forces within and without Candelore. Treachery surrounds the regent queen and the heir, even in their own court. Young Anthony and Gallagher, who becomes Anthony’s friend and appointed Royal Companion, are adventurous youngsters. They grow into admirable young men facing difficult times, but self-doubt plagues Anthony. Will he be up to the challenge of becoming king? And when will the unspoken love between Gwyndalin and Prince Laurance ever be allowed to bloom?
Wrapping history, fantasy, legend about such a famous tale as King Author’s and putting an entirely new twist on it takes a special talent. Author JoEllen Conger accomplishes this. The characters are fresh takes on the genre, but seem true to the era. The story is super entertaining and will drift the reader back to the sixth century as it might have been. Excellent reading.
Rhobin Lee Courtright
Author of Magic Aegis and Rogue’s Rules.