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ISBN 978-1-59705-997-8

By JoEllen Conger

“I loved the Goddess(es).  All the companions were wonderful, their senses of humor and innocence. Kuscus, Dragontroth (and -guard), and Lirpha. Both girls just found the other sides of themselves through their adventures. I was wondering all through (and grieving a little) how you were going to put them together at the end because that's where I thought you were going. But you surprised me - happily. The adventure was fun and Exciting. And the girls were the bosses. Excellent.”
Jane Quinn

Grand Princess Iona Anders's world turns chaotic on her 16th Natal-Day Celebration. With her king away at war, her scheming cousin, Prince Sweetbrier, arrives to claim Iona as his bride. He imprisons her for her refusal to wed him. When a mirror is brought to her cell to aid her in her nuptial preparations, she falls through the magical glass into a parallel world, meeting the man of her dreams. Iona must learn to fight like a warrior to save both realms against the invaders, and the wicked wizard, Nickademus The Bold.

Book Review: by Joan C. Powell
By JoEllen Conger

(Book One) Leave The Prince to Me

Grand Princess Iona is just concluding the rites for her sixteenth Natal-Day Celebration when her diabolical cousin, Prince Eric Sweetbrier, demands that she marry him! Iona is livid. Her sire isn't even at the castle to protect her. Grand King Anders has taken the best of his troops with him to fight the invading Kerdsman. Iona's refusal angers Cousin Brier. Enraged he locks her up in her own prison tower until such time that she will yield to his demands. The guardsmen left behind to protect the princess are no match for the Prince and the giant Northland warrior, Kenderhielm. Having no knowledge of weaponry, she uses her wits to delay the wedding date in hopes that her father will rescue her.

Unknown to Grand Princess Iona Anders, the huge mirror brought to her cell, so she can braid her own floor-length hair in preparation for the coming wedding, is a magical gateway to the World Beyond. There, she meets her other self, a highly trained warrior who lives on a different plane of existence. Grand Mah-desetta Anore Rathmister tells Iona that she is the White Dragoness that the Brotherhood worships in the Goddess Religion, and she is the Dark Dragoness. To save both worlds from the Great Chaos, they must join their magical powers! The problem is that their mother, Queen Lillianna, the Dragon Goddess, died eight years before. Until the two can join their combined Powers and become the Magical forces of Goddess Anoona, their mother's spirit is trapped in the void. Iona remains untrained and Anore must find a way to teach her years of mystical training before it is too late. Only Kuscus, Anore's mischievous pet Siamonk can help them by traveling between the worlds through the Mystical Mirror.

This book ends with Iona and Anore accidentally falling through the portal into the other's world, where Iona must perform the Harvestfest Rite, and dance in celebration with Anore's betrothed, the soft-spoken Realmsman Blackhawk. Anore, on the other hand, vows to protect Iona's lands and people against Prince Sweetbrier's lust to rule the realms.

“An exciting and magical Fantasy of two young women who are really each one-half of the Dragon, Goddess Anoona.  I highly recommend the story! It is WELL worth it!”   HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS - (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

(Book Two) The Great Pretenders

This book continues where Book 1 left off. Iona and Anore have switched worlds through the portal, and can't get back to their own realms. Iona convinces Lirpha (her telepathic, war-stallion) into helping her with her pretense to be the warrior mah-desetta. She also meets Dragontroth, the swearing, enchanted sword with a quarrelsome attitude. The sword, forged and enchanted by the Paladin to protect the Seed of the Dragon, comes to her hand on command. Together, she and Grand Mahied Rathmister, Anore's sire, prepare for war. The wicked warlock, Nickademus The Bold, in his determination to steal her Mystical Powers, confronts her, but she escapes him. Grand Princess Iona and Realmsman Blackhawk have become romantically drawn together. However, they quarrel when the Grand Maheid decides to protect his only heir from the invaders. Iona is returning to the safety of Stevensburg, when her mighty stallion is pulled down and killed by wolves. Unused to wielding the forces entrusted to her, she calls upon her Mystical Powers to save the stallion’s life.

Realmsman Blackhawk's matching sword, Dragonguard, mate to Dragontroth, has also been enchanted by the Paladin to protect the Realmsman. Through the use of his black arts, Nickademus the Bold captures both man and sword. Iona sets out to rescue them.

Meanwhile, in the other world, Grand Mah-desetta Anore also is attracted to someone. She challenges the villainous Prince Eric Sweetbrier (the scheming cousin of Book 1) and finds she much admires his boldness. Using the Mystical Powers of the Compass Rose, she also battles his giant guard, Kenderhielm, and forces them both to swear ferthy to her. Dragontroth, the female sword, complies with its sworn duty to protect both she and Iona, when either is in danger. Anore swears an oath that she will rescue Grand King Anders who has been captured by the Kerds. However, when the malicious wizard confronts her, Anore begins to lose her Mystical Powers.

Book 3 should conclude this amazing trilogy. As much as I enjoyed Book 1, I found Book 2 much more exciting! More battles and strategies are in this one. However, much is still left unresolved. Terrific reading!”
HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS  - (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

(Book Three) The Goddess Returns

In the last book of the trilogy, Iona uses the Powers of the Compass Rose, combined with the untested Dragon's Power to save her Stallion's life, but in doing so, the magic goes wild and transports them into the high mountains. All four, Iona, Kuscus, Lirpha and the sword are captured by the Mountain Dwarfs. The old Dwarf leader, not realizing they have been transported by magic, is honored that Iona has traveled so far to invite him to join the battle. He realizes that he is too old to answer her challenge, but sends his oldest son to honor himself in coming battle. Returning to the battle front, Iona meets the ancient Dwarf augur, Miralanda, who instructs her how to be victorious over Nickademus.

Alone, Iona braves entering the war camp to rescue Dragonguard, where she is captured. She is aided in her escape by the Dwarf augur, transformed into the form of a crow, and her trusted companions. They release the sword from its magical prison and in a flash it returns to its master, Realmsman Blackhawk, who is imprisoned in the Wizard's Dark Tower. While fleeing, Kuscus is struck by the lightening bolt dispatched by the wizard. The fairy-beings, the Fairlings rally to his aid. They too have a bone to pick with Nickademus and join the fight.

Meanwhile, Anore and Kenderhielm enter the enemy encampment in the Other World, but cannot locate Grand King Anders. They retreat, she riding the king's stallion. A three hundred pound Dirkshire war hound pursues them. Winning the trust of the beast, the animal does not become friendly, but none-the-less protects Anore.

While both women join their mental and spiritual powers during the final combat against the wizard's minions, they discover that the hound is really Iona's sire, magically transformed into a dog. The battle wages between invaders in both worlds and the evil forces of Nickademus the Bold, who has the power to transport himself from one world to the other, at will. While the battle rages around them, Iona and Anore finally join their combined powers and become the Dragon. Goddess Anoona returns to save her people.

The End

RETURN OF THE GODDESS by JoEllen Conger is an exciting, breath taking read for youngsters, as well as the young at heart. The romances are kept sweet, the cleverly planned skirmishes, bloodless.”

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