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ISBN 978-1-59088-808-7

By JoEllen Conger

“4 STARS! Fans of King Author and Queen Guinevere will ADORE this tale! The two authors who make up the team of JoEllen Conger has done an excellent job in bringing to life a turbulent time in history. That could NOT have been an easy task! Yet the story flows smoothly and is full of pitfalls for the main characters. I am eager to see if JoEllen Conger will let the book stand as is, or if a sequel will be upcoming.”
Review by HUNTRESS REVIEWS, Detra Fitch

“At age thirteen, Princess Gwyndalin Victoria Alexander sails to wed with High King Anthony, Darkdragon of Brightland, a man seventeen years her senior. The ship founders and sinks in a raging storm, leaving her shipwrecked. Alone on Sia Island, she is charged by the goddess Brigid to hide the Christian Chalice to protect the ancient beliefs and rituals of the Druids. The place where she hides the chalice becomes a life-long burden.

Rescued by Prince Laurence Del Mar, her appointed Royal Companion, being close in age they find entertainment in each other's company during the long eventful trip to King Anthony's realm. Arriving in Cornrow, Princess Gwyndalin is pleasantly surprised by the handsome appearance of King Anthony. In spite of her youth, she shows great dedication to her religious beliefs, her husband, and her constant companion and protector, Prince Del Mar.

JoEllen revels the secrets of the Queen of Candelore in this wonderful novel. I was riveted to the storyline and the author's brilliant ability to draw the reader into every scene with descriptions that made me experience the moment and the feelings of the characters. This book definitely deserves to be on the best-seller's list.”

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[Arthurian Parallel - Fantasy Romance]

At thirteen, Princess Gwyndalin Victoria Alexander, daughter to King Leon Alexander of Kamlaird and Princess Lyndell of Haven, finds herself shipwrecked on a lonely island at the beginning of her voyage to Cornrow, where she is to be wed to King Anthony, son to deceased King Uther Darkdragon.  She realizes she must survive until she can be rescued. During her lonely vigilance she gains the courage to survive her situation by making do with what is available to her.

She discovers a forgotten Pagan temple and is charged by the goddess to conceal the Christ Chalice from the Christian world to protect the Goddess Religion.  Gwyndalin faithfully hides the important artifact down an artesian well, vowing never to reveal its location.

Prince Laurance del Mar, the youngest son to Lesser King August del Mar of Mann Island and Lady Natasha of the Southern Seas, fostered to Edwin Blackhawk of Shipyard, is selected by Brightland’s Head Druid, Mylow to Companion the future high queen. Only a select few know that the young prince has direct bloodlines to King Anthony, the future Darkdaragon.

When Laurance and the king's messenger travel to Kamlaird to escort the princess to Cornrow, they discover that she has turned up missing. However, Laurance has a dream and knows where the lost princess can be found. Yet, because he is only fifteen, no one listens to him. Yet, find her he does, and instantly falls in love with her. During their traveling adventures to Cornrow, the two teenagers bond in a lifelong friendship.

The princess, trained to serve her king, develops great respect for King Anthony of Cornrow, seventeen years her senior. Yet, reluctantly agrees to appear converted to Christianity, in order to assist Anthony in earning the Darkdragon title of High King of Brightland.

After miscarrying his first child, Lesser King Raldoff, the neighboring king, presents the royal couple with a pair of Irish Elkhound puppies to distract the queen's grief. Learning a great lesson from his neighboring king, Anthony suggests building a new castle…Candelore. Gwyndalin becomes so involved designing the new castle she forgets her grief.

During a skirmish with the Saxons, High King Anthony is injured most grievously. Not wanting the people to realize their king is impotent, the Merlin convinces the king to allow Laurance to try to create the needed heir. On the night of the Christian's Pentecost, and the Pagan's Beltane celebration, Prince Laurance beds the queen in hopes of bringing to life the needed heir.

However, when Gwyndalin is trampled later during the tournament, she loses the child. The Church makes a political move to set Gwyndalin aside. High King Anthony won't hear of it, although she is crippled. Instead he searches for the lost Chalice to heal his wife, disregarding his queen's words that he'll not find it.

Upon his return to Candelore a young consort is chosen to provide the Darkdragon heir. High Queen Gwyndalin has been safely cloistered in a nearby abbey for her own protection, although the abbess refuses to divulge the queen's whereabouts.

During her stay at the abbey, the abbess convinces Gwyndalin that the Virgin Mary is but one personification of the goddess. Because of her faith in the goddess the queen approaches the statue of Mary and is healed.

When High King Anthony and his Pagan born son, Mordrill Oakleaf fight to the death, it is the queen's true friend, Prince Laurance, who visits the abbey trying to persuade the Queen of Candelore to return to her castle.

Without a royal regent directing Candelore, the castle and the lands belonging to it are falling into disrepair. Prince Laurance is escorted to the abbey accompanied by Her Highness' loyal guardsmen. One way or another, he is intent on forcing her return.

Seeing the army that fought alongside her when she attacked the Saxons, she learns of their loyalty to her and the Darkdragon throne of Brightland. Gwyndalin returns to serve as regent. She arrives at Candelore and is introduced to a chubby cheeked, curly-haired infant. The mother of the child begs on her knees that the queen not send her away. Recognizing the child as her husband’s issue, she takes the child into her arms, proclaiming his royal birthright.

Suddenly a maid urgently bids the queen to hear her Lady Chamberlain's confession. She attends the dying Lady Whitner at her deathbed, only to learn that the love child she had carried for Prince Laurance hadn't been stillborn after all. Thinking to save Queen Gwyndalin from shame, Lady Whitner had spirited the dark-haired infant away when she realized it was not the king's child. She had kept the queen's secret to herself all those years, but before she tells where the child was taken, she dies.

The queen now knows that somewhere their love child still lives. But where? How will they find him?