By JoEllen Conger
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Release Date: 12/2009
ISBN: 978-1-59705-517-8

Joanne Strong and her husband, Tim, fly to Cabo San Lucus to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. In bumping into Prince Kaveh of Mithirania as she deplanes, she unwittingly steps into his life of danger and intrigue. He comes to her recue when she becomes lost the very first night at their hotel, when she can’t seem to relocate her husband, or their suite of rooms overlooking the famous rocky outcropping in the bay.

Both Joanne and Tim are weapons instructors for the Agency, and she is recovering from an injury incurred while on duty. It’s her night vision that has been compromised, and after dark, she must trust her husband to navigate for the both of them.

After Kaveh has tasted the freedom of sailing in their rental Catalina 30, Prince Kaveh befriends them, inviting the couple to demonstrate this sense of freedom to sail wherever the wind may take them, to his parents. The entire royal family is gathering to celebrate their 55th/ wedding trip to Bequia.

Their lives become entangled with the Shah and Empress of Mithirania as their CIA training comes into play to protect the royal family. Joanne shoots it out with the invading forces with her husband calling the shots.

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Genre: Thriller
Author: JoEllen Conger
Publisher: Wings ePress Inc.
Release Date: 12/2009
ISBN: 978-1-59705-517-8
Review Company:
Review Date: 10-22-09
Review Rate: 5

Reviewer: Gabriel Timar

 Author of Novgorod diary, Aura of War, Air Mogadishu etc.
Format: electronic & print

When I finished JoEllen Conger’s the Freedom to ride the wind, I wanted more of the interesting places, hot romantic interludes, and sudden furious action alternating in perfectly timed sequence. The well-developed, living and breathing characters captivate the reader, wishing to have Tim and Joanna for neighbors. This book is five star entertainment, keeping the reader riveted to her/his seat to the last page.


Joanna convalescing from injuries plans to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary with Tim, her husband in Cabo San Lucas. Suddenly, all hell brakes loose, she’s lost and finds herself dodging a professional assassin in the company of Kaveh, the crown-prince of Mithirania, a small oil-rich kingdom.

The characters, like all of JoEllen’s heroes and heroines are real flesh and blood people. Kaveh epitomizes the heir to the throne, a man to the core; someone to whom honor and duty supercede his own wishes and desires.

The author’s love and expertise in handling of sailboats shine through in many scenes. Research is not enough to come up with such convincing presentation.

One might decide having seen Cabo San Lucas after reading this book. The illustration of sites suggests exceptionally thorough research, or several visits to such places. 

I highly recommend this most entertaining down to Earth but still fairy tale like novel to all. Readers can lose themselves in the adventures of Joanna, the chivalry of Kaveh and the silent strength of Tim. Five stars at least.

~ * ~

Freedom to Ride The Wind, By JoEllen Conger

Reviewed by Fiona McGier,
The Reyes Family Romances—10/18/09

If you have ever wondered what it is like to sail a boat yourself, smoothly skimming along the waves, the wind in your hair, filled with a sense of the freedom of possibilities, then you will want to read this book. The descriptions are so detailed that I almost felt like I could sail a boat…or strip a weapon to clean it wearing a blindfold…or go deep-sea snorkeling to find a king-sized lobster to have for my dinner. That sense of the freedom to do what you want when you want, being in charge of your own destiny, runs throughout this book, hooking the reader on wanting to do the same.


     The book is written in first person, told by Joanne Strong who has traveled from California down to Mexico to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary with her husband Tim. Their relationship is strong, and they co-own a business; they both used to be involved with a unit of the U.S. military, but Joanne was hurt by an explosion and is not quite done convalescing from an injured shoulder and compromised night vision. Through an accident, she becomes disoriented and lost the first night, unable at first to get back into her hotel through the locked front door. She is befriended by a man she first saw at the airport, a foreigner who looks to be middle-eastern. She overheard someone calling him Kaveh, and learns that since he is the eldest son of the Shah of an oil-rich country called Mithirania, he has to be constantly on his guard against the enemies of his kingdom who have staged frequent attacks against his family all around the world; in fact years ago, they killed his family-chosen fiancée. 

     Despite being a happily-married woman, Joanne is oddly attracted to this strong, sensitive man who finds all sorts of reasons to frequently touch her, as if his attraction to her is pulling him out of the shell he crawled into when he lost his fiancée. After she and Tim invite Kaveh and his bodyguard to sail with them, his delight in the freedom of being on a sailboat is so great that he invites them to prolong their vacation for a few days, in order to accompany him as his “honored guests” to the Caribbean, to an estate that his family has rented for the celebration of the wedding anniversary of his father and his third wife. He wants to “gift” his father with the same sense of freedom on a rented sailboat, with Tim and Joanne as the crew. 

      The sensory descriptions of this island paradise are as well-written as those of the Mexican area they visited earlier, and the sailing experiences. Joanne and her husband are treated to an insider’s view of what “the other half” lives like, as they deal with the unaccustomed reality of having plentiful servants delivering impeccable service, all the while surrounded by armed security forces that they learn are always necessary. Joanne and Tim are given the opportunity to repay their hosts for their hospitality in a very real way. And the reader will be left with a feeling of satisfaction at having shared their vacation.

~ * ~
Ric’s Review

Wow! In Freedom to Ride the Wind, JoEllen Conger builds up tension from the moment her heroine discovers a ‘naked bear’ making overtures to her in her hotel room, through discovering a real live ‘handsome prince’ who tries sweeping her off her feet. Is he to succeed?

Royal adventures claim her life throughout an action-packed second honeymoon, from yachting excitement, to assassination gunfights in tropical hideaways.

JoEllen proves herself a master word-smith in this thriller.


                                        Kev Richardson – Historian, Novelist, Biographer