Queen of Candelore
An historical romance during the period of King Arthur and his Round Table. While it includes many of the characters of the original story, new characters have been added. And the conflict between Christian and Goddess worshipers brings to play a different twist to the story.

The Future King
This is the continuing saga of High Queen Gwyndalin from the book Queen Of Candelore, and her appointed Royal Companion, Prince Laurance of Mann Island. Together they train her dead husband’s issue to become the High King Darkdragon of all Brightland. When he finally reaches the age of fifteen he will be crowned to take over the throne.

Rite of Passage
Widowed, Corrine Whitehorse must find a way to save the only home her three young boys have ever known. As a wildlife photographer she heads for the rugged Sierra National Forest where she and her Native American husband had once filmed eagles on the nest. Only this time she must do it alone.

Injured, Walter Fitzgerald, an escaped convict has his own agenda when he commandeers her car at gunpoint. He must reach the hospital where his family was taken after an auto accident. By rescuing the injured businessman, Corrine unwittingly becomes his accomplice

Goodbye My Darling depicts a recently windowed woman trying to get on with her life after losing her long-term life companion. In taking the barefoot cruise he planned for their anniversary celebration, she is drawn into a ship board intrigue and loses her heart to a rascal of a man.

Cinderella and the Stripper is a contemporary sweet romance even your teenage daughters can read. Heather moves to LA with her family and has her heart stolen by a blonde, curly-headed Adonis. She has no idea that she has fallen in love with a twin. The difference in their personalities causes her heartache and delight until she learns the truth.

Return of the Goddess
Princess Iona faces skirmishes and misadventures that prepare her for love with a stranger in a parallel world, as well as training her, her royal duties to fight for her realms, and her people.

Freedom to Ride the Wind
Joanne Strong and her husband, Tim, fly to Cabo San Lucus to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. In bumping into Prince Kaveh of Mithirania as she deplanes, she unwittingly steps into his life of danger and intrigue. He comes to her recue when she becomes lost the very first night at their hotel, when she can’t seem to relocate her husband, or their suite of rooms overlooking the famous rocky outcropping in the bay.

Yesterday's Widow
Victoria Greer is a double amnesiac who returns home after a mysterious ten year absence to discover her husband has been killed in a plane crash, and her treasured home-estate is now owned by a stranger named Theodore Bailey.

While trying to prove the estate is still her property because she hasn't really been dead, she realizes she is being stalked by a killer, and only her Maltese dog knows who it is that's not to be trusted.